Covid-19 Update

Due to current provincial restrictions all in person meetings are temporarily on hold. We will be starting mid-week connection groups online soon and will return to in person meeting as restriction open up.

If you are in need of connection or counsel, please reach out and we will find a way to talk or meet through zoom or phone.

Women CONNECT - Mondays @ 8:00 pm

Woman gathering to encourage one another through prayer, scripture and book studies to build one another up in Jesus, empower woman to live a life centred on the truth found in the bible rather than the expectations of the world. Contact: Chealsea Fenton



The worship team meets 2-3 times every month to pray, practice and participate in what God is doing creatively with music and art in the church. If you'd like the opportunity to add your gifts to the church this may be a good place to start. Or if you just need a night of encouragement and singing to the Lord, please feel free to join us.


Young Adults Connect

This space is designed to CONNECT with one another, GROW in moving in the holy spirit, and expanding our INFLUENCE on our culture and communities. They meet on Friday nights, at various locations throughout the CBRM. Each get together is more packed with laughs and snacks than the last. For more information, and to get connected, contact Ashley Burns via Facebook or email.