Elders and Leaders

Rick and Danielle Carabin

Rick and Danielle helped start Journey Church when they first opened their home in Sydney to a group of mostly young adults who were feeling disconnected from the church but had a desire to follow Jesus. They have been pastoring, discipling and loving their community since those small house church beginnings. They're passionate about seeing marriages and families grow strong and healthy in the Lord.

Scott and Leigh-Anne MacLeod

Scott and Leigh-Anne jumped into the life of the church with a big desire to help people connect with God and connect with one another. They love to help people overcome challenges in their faith and develop in their gifts. As they've both pursued knowing and understanding their identity in Christ, they've opened the doors for many others to walk a path of knowing and living in their full identity.

Joe and Gemma Cook

Joe and Gem have worked part-time for Journey since the church started meeting in R&D's living room. They have a desire to help the church family grow in Cape Breton by helping build people up with a firm foundation in the scriptures. They believe growing healthy people and and healthy families starts with knowing what God says about them and knowing how to make that their everyday reality.