Journey is a group of people seeking to know and follow Jesus. We meet together to Preach the Gospel, worship, pray, study the bible and share life. We believe God loves every person He created and wants them to know and experience the fullness of that love through Christ's redemptive work on the cross and the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. We believes as individuals and families become rooted and grounded in the truth and love of God revealed in the Gospel, people and communities around us are transformed and made free to live the life God created them to live and participate in the life of church, as a reflection of God's Kingdom on earth. 


We currently Meet at 10:30 am at Munro Academy Northside Campus. Due to Covid-19 regulations masks are required while participating and we ask that people sit in family groups with children whenever possible.


If you've connected with us online during the Covid-19 physical distancing measure and want to join us for a meeting in person, this is what you can expect at our meeting. We meet in the school gym we try to have casual and friendly environment which we know is a little strange with the current physical distancing protocols but we are all doing our best to connect and maintain distance at the same time. Chairs are spaced apart to help people maintain distance. We believe in the gifts of the spirit and will often experience the prophetic gifts, tongues, and spontaneous songs. It is an open environment where every person is encourage to participate as the spirit leads while respecting space requirements. After worship we usually have a 30 minute time of preaching and teaching from the Bible. We have a small designated pray team to pray for people following the service and ask that people exit soon after the service ends to avoid prolonged close contact. As you would expect, this is not our normal atmosphere, as not much is normal these days, but we hope to make the best of the current situation and offer a space where people can worship and hear from the Lord. We hope things return to a more relaxed and connected experience soon. 


Kids remain in the service for the first part of the worship time, then kids grade 5 and under go to one large class together for some fun activities, then will split up for an interactive bible lesson, time to ask questions and a fun experience with our loving kids ministry crew. There is no nursery staffed at this time but there is a room available for parents to go to if they need to feed/change/care for babies. 


We have Jr High meeting on Wednesdays and Sr high meeting on Fridays (usually).

Please check the calendar and talk to Ashley Burns for further details.